Treatment of Unpolished Porcelain

General maintenance and cleaning of porcelain tile varies depending on the surface texture and soil load. General cleaning should be performed with a neutral cleaner diluted to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Non-oil, non-acidic and non-soap based cleaners should be used.

Tile Care – Natural Stone

We recommend that our natural stone and porcelain products are thoroughly cleaned and sealed after laying, to maintain the beauty of the material when first laid.

Our tile care products are all supplied by Fila, who is a world leader in floor treatment solutions.

Tile Care – Porcelain

Porcelain Stoneware
Porcelain stoneware is a very hard material with particularly high resistance to chemicals. It is also frostproof and waterproof. It is the ideal floor material for restaurants, airports, schools, hospitals and shopping centers and is also widely used in homes. Porcelain stoneware may undergo an industrial polishing process. This produces the “polished” type, which has a mirror finish, but unlike the “natural” (i.e. unpolished) material, it does present some stainability problems. The polishing process opens the pores of the porcelain stoneware, making it easier for dirt to penetrate. Protective treatment of porcelain stoneware is intended not to protect it against wear (unnecessary, in view of its hardness) but to create a barrier against dirt and stains, and simplify routine care procedures. It is important to distinguish between protection for “polished” and for “natural” material.

Treatment of Polished Natural Stone


Natural Stone is a fantastic product as you get a unique, “wow factor” floor. However there are some factors that need to be undertaken to keep your natural stone floor at the best possible condition for the longest possible time. All natural stone tiles are porous.This means that if you were to spill something on your natural stone floor it can stain. To prevent this, we use an easy-application impregnator sealer. This is a sealer that impregnates the stone to prevent staining. Our most popular sealer is the Water-Based Fila MP90 or the Solvent-Based Fila MP90 Eco Plus.

Marble Laying & Care

Marble, a natural stone

Marble is a natural stone with multiple characteristics. The pictures shown on this website are just representatives of our materials. You should consider these pictures only as a representation of the different ranges in tone and veining. This is the beauty of natural stone.

Treatment of Textured Porcelain

The undulation of the surface of textured porcelain makes it necessary to clean the entire surface, including the low points, which necessitates some additional, practical dirt- removal procedures. Standard wet-mopping will not effectively clean these finishes. Also, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the tile to completely remove all dirty cleaning solutions.